• Carl & Pam Frinzi

    Alumni couple contribute to alma mater in many ways

    An alumni couple, one a longtime faculty member and the other a trustee at Kennesaw State University, have certainly made an impact on their alma mater.

    After 32 years of teaching at Southern Polytechnic State University and then Kennesaw State, Pam Frinzi ’83, ’94 recently retired as a professor of computer engineering. Meanwhile, her husband Carl Frinzi ’83 – whom she met on the Marietta campus almost 40 years ago – continues to be a member of the KSU Foundation Board of Trustees.

  • Scrappy Hour

    Scrappy Hour at Dry County Brewing

    As a part of Senior Appreciation Week, the very first Scrappy Hour was held at Dry County Brewing in Kennesaw on Wednesday, May 1. More than 150 May 2019 graduates were welcomed to the ForeverOwl family by alumni, faculty and friends of the university.

  • World of Good

    Doing a World of Good

    Maria Mata plans to dedicate her career to addressing global health issues. She’s off to a good start, already traveling the world to gain experience in her chosen field.

  • Deep Learning

    Deep Learning

    Designing new algorithms has been Linh Le’s focus for the past four years, and his hard work may someday impact applications for facial identification, stock market analysis and disease detection.

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