About Us - Office of Alumni and Constituent Engagement (ACE)

The KSU Alumni Team works diligently to provide graduates with tools and resources to stay connected to the KSU community, engage in signature events and provide valuable career growth tools.

While much has changed since the organization’s inception almost 35 years ago, the goals of the Alumni Association remain the same, to serve the alumni of the University and support the initiatives of KSU.

Mission Statement

The KSUAA strives to:

  • Build positive, long-term relationships among KSU alumni, the University and community;
  • Provide value-added services to KSU alumni through networking opportunities, affiliation programs, and KSU-wide events;
  • And support the long-term objectives of the University through fundraising, fostering community support, and advocating for KSU.

Vision Statement

KSU Alumni Association - Bridge Builders for Alumni Success, University Development, and Community Relationships