KSU Black Alumni Society (BAS)

Our Purpose

  • Promote the cause of higher education for black students at KSU;
  • Provide a forum for information exchange and networking among KSU alumni, current students, faculty and staff, and friends of KSU;
  • Foster a spirit of diversity and a celebration of cultures through organized events;
  • Assist in recognizing the achievements of new graduates, alumni, current students, faculty, and staff at annual celebratory events;
  • Foster the development and maintenance of scholarships and other means of assisting black students in their pursuit of education at KSU;
  • Encourage black alumni to serve as mentors for KSU students and in the community at large;
  • Increase membership and participation of black alumni within the BAS and at all levels of leadership within the Alumni Association.

Get Connected

We invite you to join our efforts to redefine the voice of black Alumni to strengthen networking and philanthropy and to ensure the enrollment and graduation of our black students. If you are not receiving information from the KSU BAS and would like to, please email blackalumnisociety@kennesaw.edu with your name and email address, and we will add you to the contact list.