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mentor ideaJoin Kennesaw State University's Owl Mentor Network to develop professional connections within the KSU community.

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As a KSU student, you now have access to a powerful online tool and in-person network of diverse mentors. Joining and engaging with the Owl Mentor Network can help you build connections with alumni and non-alumni professionals. Connect and learn from local and global professionals and engage with KSU faculty and staff and fellow Owls.

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Make a difference in students' lives and careers by sharing career advice, networks and academic success tips. Join the KSU Mentor Network to help KSU students succeed both in the classroom and in their chosen field.

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  • Have career-related conversations with the Owl community.
  • Seek knowledge and advice from experts in your field.
  • Build professional networks with contacts from around the world.
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  1. Becoming an Owl Mentor is quick and easy — you can sign up through LinkedIn or your email.
  2. Once you've filled out your preferences, you will connect with your peers or current KSU students.
  3. You can schedule a meeting and connect within minutes!
Become a Mentor

mentor matchingStart Your KSU Mentor Journey

As you begin your path as a KSU mentor, here are some things to consider:

Building Rapport
Be prepared to talk about your background, interests and life trajectories. Ask the mentees to tell you about themselves, such as their college experiences, work experiences, extracurricular interests, hobbies, travel and family. The more you know about your mentee, the more mutually beneficial the relationship will be.

Navigating the Process
As a mentor, you should not become involved in all aspects of a mentee's life or solve their problems. Mentors serve as active listeners who can share advice based on their knowledge and experience to help mentees process information in new ways.

Completing the Relationship
Your mentoring relationship is more likely to last for a distinct period. Even though you may stay in touch with the mentee long-term, the phase where you provide active support and guidance to the mentee will most likely come to an end once the mentee feels they have received the advice needed.

First-time User

Create your profile. Your social network opens doors to opportunities for both students and alumni. Owl Mentor Network helps create an online community where people can connect.

Connect with students and fellow alumni, and check out the discussion board and resources. You can connect based on:

  • Interest
  • Your work industry
  • Identity group and so much more

The Owl Mentor Network pairs people based on shared connections.

Starting the Mentor-Mentee Relationship:
The mentee is the driving force of the Relationship and is responsible for the initial contact with a mentor. Things to keep in mind as you begin:

  • The first contact may be in person, through email, video call or phone call.
    Initiating the Relationship might take more than one attempt by the mentee.
  • Try to respond to a message from a potential mentee as quickly as possible. Mentors should be aware that mentees may be unsure of how to initiate the initial conversation.
  • Be prepared to ask open-ended questions to get the conversation going. If possible, do a little research beforehand on the mentee. Good luck!
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Mentors will fall under the following categories:

Flash Mentor

Commitment: Low
Flash mentorship allows you to receive quick or ""flash"" advice through short-term conversations, informational interviews, job shadows or other low-commitment career learning experiences.
These one-time or short-term opportunities are ideal for mentees who are exploring multiple industries, preparing for interviews and researching employers, or searching to connect with alumnae mentors when traveling to new cities or studying abroad.
From the mentee perspective, flash mentoring is ideal for situations when you have specific questions or needs that could be resolved through a few interactions with a mentor.

Long-Term Mentor

Commitment: High
Long-term mentorship provides mentors and mentees with the opportunity to develop and strengthen a relationship over time, spanning far beyond an initial call, meeting or informational interview. Long-term mentors can help you set goals, navigate personal and professional development, seek opportunities for growth, develop professional behavior and achieve both personal and professional goals. The parameters of your mentorship relationship should be discussed early on with each mentor, and they may look different for each long-term Relationship.