Flash Mentoring

What types of mentors are you?

Mentorship comes in different forms, and your relationships with mentors will vary depending on your intentions, questions, and aspirations in a given season of life.

mentoronlineMentorship relationships will also evolve over time as those intentions, questions, and career aspirations grow and change.

We know that  you will need varying levels of support throughout your career journey. Therefore, through the online platform The Owl Mentor Network, we are offering you access to Kennesaw alumni who have expressed interest in mentoring current students and other alumni.


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Mentors will fall under the following categories:  

Flash Mentor
Commitment: Low
Flash mentorship allows you to receive quick or “flash” advice through short-term conversations, informational interviews, job shadows, or other low-commitment career learning experiences. These one-time or short-term opportunities are ideal for mentees who are exploring multiple industries, preparing for interviews and researching employers, or searching to connect with alumnae mentors when traveling to new cities or studying abroad. From the mentee perspective, flash mentoring is ideal for situations when you have specific questions or needs that could be resolved through a few interactions with a mentor.


Long-Term Mentor
Commitment: High
Long-term mentorship provides mentors and mentees with the opportunity to develop and strengthen a relationship over time, spanning far beyond an initial call, meeting, or informational interview. Long-term mentors can help you set goals, navigate personal and professional development, seek opportunities for growth, develop professional behavior, and achieve both personal and professional goals. The parameters of your mentorship relationship should be discussed early on with each mentor, and they may look different for each long-term relationship.