Why Should I Be a Mentor?

Network with the leaders of today.

Mentor the leaders of tomorrow.

By being a mentor you get to share your knowledge of your industry, geographical location, and so much more with a fellow Owl!


I Want to Mentor

Things to keep in mind before starting:

Building Rapport
Mentors should be prepared to talk about their backgrounds, interests, and life trajectories. Ask the mentee to tell you about themselves, such as their experiences in college, work experiences, extracurricular interests, hobbies, travels, and family. The more you know about your mentee, the more beneficial the relationship will be.

Navigating the Process
It is not the role of a mentor to become involved in all aspects of a mentee’s life, or to solve her problems for her. Mentors serve as active listeners who are able to share advice based on their knowledge and experience. Mentors help mentees process information in new ways and, when appropriate, provide guidance or recommend next steps to situations.

Completing the Relationship
While some mentoring relationships are long-term, the relationship is more likely to be “active” for a distinct period of time. Even though you may stay in touch, the phase where the mentor provides active support and guidance to the mentee will most likely come to an end. Both the mentor and mentee should have a sense that the mentor has provided the help that the mentee was seeking.