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Create a profile.Your social network opens doors to opportunity for both students and alumni. Owl Mentor Network helps create an online community where people can connect.



Connect with students and fellow alumni, check out the discussion board and resources.You can connect based on:

  • Interest

  • Industry you work in

  • Identity group and so much more

The Owl Mentor Network pairs people based on common connections.



Starting the relationship:

The mentee is the driving force of the relationship and is responsible for the initial contact with a mentor. Things to keep in mind as you begin:

  • The first contact may be in person, through email, video call, or phone call.  Initiating the relationship might take more than one attempt by the mentee.

  • Mentors should try to respond to a message from a potential mentee as quickly as possible. Mentors should be aware that mentees may be unsure how to initiate the initial conversation.

  • Be prepared to ask open-ended questions to get the conversation going. If possible, do a little research beforehand on the mentee. Good luck!


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